25 Best Hotels Near Redwood National Park


Getting a deal that covers your hotel and parking or airport parking alone makes everything with your trip go much more smoothly. You’ll like knowing that, no matter which option you choose, you’ll have professional shuttle service on your way to and from the STL when cleaning up blood, use cloth towels instead of paper towels. Airport. If you can afford it, staying on the beach provides the most memorable Tulum experience. Tulum does not currently have an airport, but the Tulum International Airport started construction in 2021 and is purportedly expected to be finished in 2023.

The Red Roof Inn is renowned nationwide for offering clean, comfortable accommodation at competitive pricing. The inn in Arcata is surrounded by the majestic Redwood Forests, giving its guests a great base to start their exploration of the national and state park. All the guest rooms come with free WiFi, an in-room coffee maker, and a flat screen television, while other rooms with microwaves and mini-refrigerators are available. Kids always stay free at the Motel 6, while other complimentary amenities include coffee, cable, local telephone calls, and use of the motel’s outdoor swimming pool. There are facilities available for WiFi as well as a laundry center for guests to use during their stay.

Built in 1195 in Pembrokeshire, Roch Castle is a five-star luxury hotel featuring six suites. In the early 1600s, the castle was occupied by the Walter family and their daughter Lucy, who became a mistress of King Charles II in 1648 before dying in Paris a decade later. Visitors to Roch Castle have claimed to see a woman in a white dress passing through closed doors—presumably Lucy Walter returning to her childhood home. Adjacent to such sites as the Ballygally Bay and Carnfunnock Country Park, Ballygally Castle isn’t just a vital pit stop on a Coastal Causeway road trip—it’s also extremely…

Located in France’s extremely scenic Loire Valley, Chateau de Marcay is a 15th-century castle that was converted into a hotel in 1973. The turreted chateau looks like something from a fairy tale—but as well all know, fairy tales usually have a bad guy or two. As the urban myth goes, one of the ladies of the Chateau de Marcay was actually a werewolf, and a farmer shot her by mistake after she transformed one night. The lady decided to stick around, apparently, as guests and staff alike have reported encounters with a ghostly woman dressed in white. Coho Cottages are an assortment of luxurious vacation cabins perched on the side of a mountain between Redwoods National Park and the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Mizpah Hotel opened in 1907 as one of Nevada’s first luxury hotels, complete with solid granite walls and Victorian-era decor, and it was fully restored in 2011. But the swanky hotel has a history as blood-red as its scarlet furnishings—one it proudly embraces. Legend has it that a woman who died on the fifth floor never really left the building. The “Lady in Red” now reportedly makes her presence known by whispering in men’s ears and leaving pearls from her broken necklace on guests’ pillows. The Mizpah plays up her reputation by letting visitors stay in the Lady in Red suite or order the Red Lady Bloody Mary at the hotel restaurant.

I’ve visited all five of these haunted hotels in San Diego, California, over the years and have stayed overnight in three. If you use this option, you’ll have the advantage of cheaper, more easily accessible parking. Book online at a convenient date, pay online and your reservation will be guaranteed. Stuff happens, and we make things easier for you when it does by not charging a fee for cancellations. To make things even easier when you’re planning future trips, you can receive email discounts.