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Internal promotion acts as an incentive to all staff to work harder within the organization. Likewise, Nestle presents case examples of career development to demonstrate as to how new entrants grow in the company. Students are encouraged wellstar vinings health park to ask questions about the relevant aspects of the company which may be of their interest. It results in elimination of competitive spirit among employees which is a very significant ingredient for higher performance.

You must also communicate a very clear and realistic picture of the organization to ensure that the organization’s values match those of any potential candidate. To meet short-term requirement, people can be taken ‘on lien’ or ‘lease’ basis for a period of one, two, or three years. The organization gets experienced people and is not required to bear any obligation. People working in the government sector are seen to frequently proceed to some government organization on lien.

Companies with the highest level of ethnical diversity will bring in 15 times more sales revenue than companies with the lowest level of racial diversity. Fewer than half (49%) of employees would recommend their employer to a friend. Only 8% of the recruiting budget is spent on employer branding. 86% of Glassdoor users read company reviews and ratings before making a decision to apply for a job.

The arrival date and the time and venue of interview are given to the candidates in advance. Sometimes, recruiters go to educational institutions where they meet the placement officer or the faculty members who recommended suitable candidates. The companies that need employees maintain contact with the guidance counsellors of employment bureaus and teachers of business and vocational subjects. Some companies maintain a register of former employees with a good record to contact them when there are new job openings for which they are qualified. This method of recruitment however, suffers from a serious effect that it encourages nepotism. In the recruitment of sailors, in the navy, the candidates sponsored by the serving and retired armed forces personnel are given preferences over others, provided they meet the basic requirements.

One company placed a small ad for a junior biologist in their regional area. This is fast becoming the preferred way for both employers and employees to find each other, especially if you are looking for staff who are younger or comfortable with information technology. To reach a small select group of candidates, you can post the job on the career section of your own web page or to websites. To reach a larger audience you can post your job on general websites such as those run by the newspapers. Other benefits include fewer turnovers, as employees can see that they can have a career with your company, and it is cheaper as there are no advertising costs.

The sooner you contact candidates, the more likely they’ll remember you. Other team members.Employees can provide an authentic account of what your work culture is like. If you’re attending or hosting a job fair event at a college, consider bringing coworkers who are alumni. To connect with military candidates and family members, attend veterans job fairs.

It reduces the level of morale of the employees, increases absenteeism and labour turnover rate. Reservoir of quality, dynamic, committed human resource is created. Management has a wider scope to select people from amongst large number of candidates. Hence, it is possible to get killed, right kind of people for the organization.

A portal is a website that serves as main entry point on Internet to a specific area of interest. Thus, a job portal is a website that contains information about jobs. Prominent job portals are naukari.com, monster.com, timesjobs.com, shine.com, etc. It should neither oversell, nor undersell the concept but a perfect-sell. What media for advertising should be used depend on the target audience?

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