Can Bearded Dragons Have Cooked Carrots


If you’re looking for another ideal diet choice to throw into your lizard’s salad bowl occasionally, look no further than the carrot. Also, remember always to cut your lizard’s food into small enough pieces for them to eat. Bearded dragons can retain large amounts of vitamin A in their bodies, which is toxic when their levels become too high. Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable. Animal-based proteins are also great and should make up around 20% of your Dragon’s diet.

While carrots provide plenty of vitamin A and beta carotene, they are not an appropriate staple food as they can cause vitamin A toxicity. While carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, bearded dragons are highly susceptible to vitamin A toxicity. With so many wonderful preparations for carrots, frying them should never be on the list of possibilities.

While boiling carrots may remove some negative effects of the oxalates, it also removes some nutritional benefits. Carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A, so you don’t want to feed your beardie carrot more than twice a week. To help provide the bearded can cats have cashews dragon with the appropriate ratio of phosphorus to calcium. Use a small grater to grate the carrot into small strings. A small to medium-sized grater which gives you strings is best. This shape is easiest for bearded dragons to grasp and eat.

The problem is that most people assume carrots have vitamin A in its raw form. They don’t know anything about beta-carotene and how it is used by your beardie to make just the right amount of vitamin A. The key is having the right ratio of vitamin A to vitamins D and E. Those 3 work together and having too high a ratio of A to the other two spells problems for your bearded dragon. But oxalic acid is present in a LOT of fruits and veggies in moderate amounts. It’s hard to avoid altogether and in moderate amounts, it’s generally not harmful.

They live in arid and rocky settings, deserts, dry forests, woodlands, scrublands, and savannahs. They recommend that carrots and similar veggies, on the other hand, are fed less often. Collard greens, beet greens and mustard greens to name but a few. In the last section, we talked about how carrots are high in vitamin-A and the benefits of this, however, vitamin-A can also be harmful if consumed in extremely high quantities.

As for the carrots itself, depending on where you get them first, you may need to remove the skin of it. If it’s bought at the grocery stores, more than likely, chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides will be used to grow them. Remove the skin off the carrots before feeding them to the bearded dragons. If your bearded dragon likes eating carrot tops, limit them to being a monthly or bi-monthly treat.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that it also contains high amount of vitamins and fiber like a raw carrot does. Bearded dragons do not require an excessive amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet. They do not digest vegetables well which is why they offer little nutritional value for them. Orange carrots should always be washed thoroughly in warm water before they are fed to your bearded dragon as any pesticides or dirt on the carrot can harm them.