Can You Prepare Your Own Vape Juice With MCT Oil?



We all are familiar with vape juices’ outstanding and mind-blowing health advantages. The same is that it is the safest alternative to smoking. It does not let you face any issues and offers various other wellness benefits. 

These include healing pain, removing mental health problems, providing soothing experiences, etc. Thus, it has become one of the best health supplements to trust in today’s era. And the joy becomes double when you can have CBD vape juice. It fills your body with the advantages of CBD by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. But, you have to choose the most authentic and high-quality products for your health. It will help you avoid all the inconveniences in your life. But, if I tell you you can make your Vape Juice at home, what will be your reaction?

Many people are unaware that vaping is sometimes a risky alternative to smoking cigarettes and can cause lung damage. If you are still undecided about whether or not to start vaping, there are many tips and tricks about how to vape safely online as well as what brands you should look out for with our article “vape juice uk“.

Yes, you heard it correctly. With a simple process, it is easy to prepare Vape Juice. You only need a few ingredients with you. In addition to this, MCT oil is one such component to add to your Vape Juice. But, is it possible to prepare Vape Juice at your home? What are the steps to take? There are various such things which we will talk about in today’s article. So, let us start.

Ingredients to make Vape Juice

Before we talk about MCT oil, there are various other ingredients that you should be familiar with while preparing vape juice. Allow us to peek at them one by one.

  • Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol acts as a carrier in vape juice. It is a type of alcohol similar to glycerin. The role of this ingredient is to maintain the taste of the liquid. It helps in making thin and lighter clouds. As a result, the taste remains intact, and you get the best vaping experience. You can even use it to preserve your vape juice to last longer.

  • Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is yet another ingredient to have while making your Vape Juice. It is a sugar alcohol made from specific plant oils. When you heat these plant oils at one particular temperature, it removes excessive fatty acid and offers you Vegetable glycerin. It is an odorless liquid. 

The reason you add it to your vape juice is to maintain the consistency of the liquid. It keeps the thickness and provides you with the best smoking experience. Thus, it forms a crucial part of your vape juice. 

  • MCT oil

You need to know about MCT oil because of the clouds of darkness over it. Various studies and research show that it is unsafe for human consumption. But, there are a few who say the opposite. Hence, it evolves the demand of the hour to find out the truth. 

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride oil. People designate it as unsafe as it is not a long-chain triglyceride. They say that it is the most dangerous part of coconut oil. Hence, you ought to be mindful of the service. You will find it in samples of vape liquid in a small number of people diagnosed with an e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI). It spawns several hydrocarbons and reactive aldehydes when warmed. These combinations can scratch and damage the lungs.

There’s insufficient evidence to express that either is secure (or more unassailable than alternatives). Nevertheless, Airey strongly recommends against inhaling “any oils/fats or smokes that include them, no matter how ‘beneficial’ the oil may be.” Thus, there are no concrete studies on the subject matter at hand. Hence, it is best to consider all the factors and then proceed with its use in making your Vape juice.

  • Terpenes

These are similar to cannabinoids and become another best ingredient while preparing your Vape Juice. It interacts with your body best by binding with its endocannabinoid system. It reacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors to offer you perfect health. It activates the aromatherapy feel and floating a natural flavor in the liquid. Thus, it forms a crucial part of providing your vape juice with the best taste.

  • Flavors

The last ingredient is your favorite flavors. It leans upon your choice to choose the most suitable for you. You can go for mint and berry blasts. Or you can even try fruity flavors. All you require is to encounter the most authentic store in the market that offers you the best experience.

Safety of the MCT oil

After looking at the ingredients to use while preparing your Vape Juice, it is time to talk about MCT oil. It originates from coconut oil and plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste and consistency of the juice. But, since the studies in the area are scarce, it becomes difficult to decide the best for your body. For this, you ought to consider a few things. 

It would be best not to use more than the prescribed amount. You must decide the best for you by contacting your physician. He will guide you in the appropriate direction by letting you know the correct amount. Once you find the best amount, you can move ahead with its use without any worries. The next comes the role of the quality products. Whatever you choose, it would be best to consider the quality. It would be best to find the most authentic vendor in the market. You should use MCT oil, having only desired ingredients without added contaminants. It will help you get the best results without any worries. In addition to this, you will save your body from the wrath of the side effects.

In addition to all these steps, it is advisable to use low quantities of Nicotine. You may want to have the best throat hit, but it would be best to limit its use for your benefit. It will help you avoid lung and heart diseases and live a healthy life. Thus, you see, preparing Vape Juice is a straightforward task. All you require to do is construct all the top-notch ingredients. The best you can do is purchase them from the best stores. It will help you avoid counter effects and live a healthy and peaceful life. 


Vape Juice offers you the best vaping experience. It will provide you with the best health subject to use judiciously. All you must do is uncover the authentic ingredients. MCT oil is one of them. At the same time, you must contemplate all the characteristics before stepping ahead to prepare your Vape Juice. You should know your limits and not consume more than the prescribed amount. Also, it would be best to monitor your dose while you have Vape Juice. Rest, there is no harm in using your homemade Vape Juice for your body.

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