Can You Treat Common Skin Problems With CBD Vape Juice?


The more the options, the more the dilemma! The thought stands true when choosing a suitable skin product. There are hundreds of skin problems. And finding a one-stop solution for them seems like a challenge. But not anymore!

Now, medical science has a potential treatment for almost all epidermal issues. It comes from a popular herb called cannabis Sativa. The presence of 40 distinct and incredible compounds makes it achieve a lot. 

The best part about using cannabis goods is the availability of numerous formulations:

Today we will explore the significant skin disorders and their cure with CBD. So let us get started! 

Cannabis at a glance 

It is a unisexual plant native to eastern Asia. Its cultivation is now actively performed globally. The herb is rich in psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds. It contains more than a hundred cannabinoids. Its prime species are marijuana and hemp. Its chemicals are either naturally extracted or formulated in labs. Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent compound in all the extracts of marijuana. Its ability to treat disorders has turned it into a star. 

Many countries have legalized it. And it is undergoing numerous studies to decode its hidden potential. It has become an irreplaceable part of medical science. And it serves as a cure for various psychological disorders. 

CBD in cannabis alone cannot get you high. It requires a blend of THC to deliver a stoned feeling. But a partnership of these two in the required proportion offers many benefits. These are: 

  • Treatment of depression and anxiety 
  • Upliftment of mood  
  • Relieving pain 
  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Treating PTSD 
  • Releasing stress 
  • Dealing and curing neurological issues 

And a lot more. It was all about the internal usage of cannabidiol. But the herb is equally effective in treating surface issues. How? Let us explore the answer in the next section. 

Listen to your epidermis.

Our body peel remains exposed to different conditions all day long. Don’t you think they live at high risk? Well, they do. Ever-changing conditions create a harsh impact. And lack of proper knowledge and care can make situations worse. So, let us learn about the most common dermal disorders. 

  1. Eczema: It is a non-communicable surface issue. It is a genetic ailment of the dermis. In this case, the skin becomes dry, scaly, crusted, and itchy. It has several varieties wherein inflammation is also seen.  
  2. Sunburn: It refers to damage to cells due to UV rays. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can make skin flaky and itchy. It can also result in heat strokes and exhaustion in extreme cases.  
  3. Acne: It is a common surface disorder. Hormonal imbalance and excessive sebum production is the reason behind its growth. Certain environmental conditions and a lack of proper diet also serve as their potential cause.    
  4. Rashes: It is a change in skin texture and color causing irritation. Usually, it is a symptom of many surface illnesses. The growth of bacteria, allergens, and heat can cause rashes. 
  5. Psoriasis: It is an illness related to the immune system. It is a long-term skin disorder. It is a painful condition in the knees, joints, nails, trunk, and scalp. People also complain that the condition bothers their sleep. 
  6. Dermatitis: It includes common issues like blisters, crust, flaking off, ooze, and ulcer. 

The efficacy of vape juices 


We saw many benefits offered by CBD. But we did not analyze the market filled with its numerous formulations. Its popularity has led to the manufacturing of the following forms: 

  • Vape liquids 
  • Tinctures 
  • Topicals 
  • Gummies 
  • Softgels 
  • Capsules 
  • Powder 
  • Extracts 

These variations can give you an incredible experience. To enjoy its windfalls, you need to pick a suitable variant as per the need. Let us now test vape oils for epidermal issues. CBD is born with anti-inflammatory properties. It can efficiently reduce swelling by calming nerve ends. Hence, it is a potential treatment for tumors. It works equally well with surface inflammations. 

People prefer using topicals and tinctures for external usage. But adding a pinch of vape can boost the process. The reason is that the rate of interaction of other forms is slower than vapes. The herb has also turned out as an antimicrobial compound. That lets it control the activity of the hormone system of humans. It can also efficiently interact with the endocannabinoid system. 

Its antioxidant property is well-suited to rejuvenate cells. In simple words, through its oxidative property, it can renew the cells. It results in delayed aging and wrinkles. 

But all big talk goes in vain without proof and results. So, let’s see what science says about these claims.  

Clinical tests as evidence  

From the first extraction till today, CBD has taken several tests. And the research establishes it as a potential way to treat skin ailments. Studies conducted in 2014, 2016, and 2019 show promising results against acne. These tests certify CBD for its positive interaction with sebocytes (sebum-producing cells). 

This cannabis extract is a good moisturizer as well. Studies have shown that it can treat dryness and itchiness effectively. These problems are symptoms of almost all skin issues. And they potentially increase the difficulty. So, the test results present that cannabidiol can reduce complications too. A test conducted in 2017 establishes its antioxidant properties. And we all are aware that oxidation is the root cause of aging and wrinkles. 


By now, we know cannabinoids can relieve skin ailments. But are they safe to use? 

Let us find out the answer. Usage of CBD is not risky if you maintain the dosage. Overdose can open doors for severe problems. The chances of side effects increase on using vapes. 

They are: 

  • Dry mouth 
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Change in body weight  

Vape can bind faster with blood cells and result in a positive drug test. The usage of topicals and tinctures is safer in that context. The users have not reported any problems due to its application. 

Final words

The herb is working wonders on the skin. You can purchase a suitable product from an online or offline store. Always read the label and constituents before buying it. And use vapes only when you are not under some treatment process. A pregnant woman should also avoid the usage of any form of cannabinoid. 


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