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The recent news of the deaths of Colorado’s two state-licensed marijuana dispensaries and the potential for increased federal enforcement of drug laws have ignited an intense debate about the safety of this new industry. This has all the makings of a great movie, so I’m going to watch a lot of movies while I’m writing this one.

The argument against legalizing marijuana as a drug is that it can be addictive and there are too many people involved. The argument against legalization is that we need more money for prison costs and there are not enough people involved. I tend to side with the latter argument because while I see the need for marijuana to be regulated, I also see the great need for more money for prisons. In fact, I see no end to the money spent on both sides of the issue.

I am actually in support of legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug. I think that if marijuana were regulated, it would reduce the number of illegal substances that people are taking, and make it more available to people who want it. But as it stands right now, marijuana is a dangerous drug that can be extremely addictive and has no medical benefits. It is illegal, and it is a drug that no one wants to be around.

I completely agree with you. I think the government should have a lot more control over the production of marijuana. I think that there’s a better way of having fewer people in prison for a long time (although given the current drug laws, I think that’s not a bad thing). I think that people are taking more drugs because the drug laws are too strict.

I think that people should be able to grow their own weed, but I don’t think that it should be easy to sell to people. It should either be in a safe place and regulated, or you should be able to grow it in your own yard. I think that people are taking more drugs because the drug laws are too strict.

The same argument could be used against heroin.

I agree that the drug laws are too strict, but as a person who grows a few plants for myself, I can tell you that I don’t recommend it at all. Weed is the hardest drug to grow and the most expensive, so I would like to make that clear. There are a few factors that make marijuana a bad drug to grow, and one of them is that it takes a long time to get high.

With regards to heroin, the problem is when people try to grow it in the back yard. It takes a while to get high, so people dont grow it in the back yard. Weed and opium are the same thing. My dad has a farm where he grows some weeds for me. And the same thing applies to poppy seeds, which are just a kind of poppy. They grow fast, but have a high yield.

So, with that out of the way, the problem with marijuana is that it is very addictive. But there’s another issue with marijuana that makes it a bad drug to use, so in conclusion, people should avoid it when possible.

The problem with the marijuana is that it is also the reason it is illegal. Marijuana is a drug that is so powerful that it changes the way we feel. If we allow it to be as common as it is, we will not only cause a huge increase in our crime rate, but also the addiction issue will be worse.


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