Cheats And Answers For Word Whizzle


Please fix this and I will definitely give it 2 more stars. Word Whizzle Spider answers for every level of this challenging pack. Think you can handle every challenging puzzle of Apprope’s popular iOS and Android game? We’ve got you covered with every single Word Whizzle answer for every single pack. In our website you will be able to find out all the answers for Multiple Meanings Word Whizzle.

Having to pay $1.99 for the bag of coins is ridiculous and $6.99 a week to be able to play ad free is so uncool. Too bad you can’t come up with something to make it less ads a a way to keep the cost down. I’ll put up with the ads but eventually I will get tired of them and end up deleting the game. I have watched the entire thing 3 times in a row.

It’s a very cool game and I would recommend it to anyone. This a very fun game with the exception of ads after every puzzle solved. I understand that ads keep the game free; however, I wish there was a way to cut down on how many we see. Love this game, and only have to watch ads to get extra coins.

If this is like all the other Word Whizzle games I’ve played, it will be very enjoyable. I’m still early in the game, but I like that quick pace distraction I can get to step away from projects and prepare to refocus. I’m not invested in levels or bonuses – I just like giving my brain a moment on the playground before I’m back into meetings and spreadsheets. If you need some time to get away this game has enough bells and whistles to keep you attention. I like the game because although it’s very easy in the beginning, it does become more challenging but no so much that’s it no longer fun.

I’ll go play something with just annoying ads. Very fun game, but the ads are relentless and the program itself glitches and shuts down all the time. It’s very slow and lags most of the time. I got tired of the frustration and uninstalled it.

Fun game to play while I wait in sitting room for appointments. Quick and easy to keep the mind sharp. I have only played it for a little bit and I love it.

I’d rather pay a one time amount when I download your app than pay the weekly, (really!) weekly fee. I love how this game makes you want to come back news for more. It’s so addicting, and it helps MAJORLY with how you think. Even in the easiest puzzles, you have to use your brain to find the words.