Everything You Need To Know About Micro Growing Weed.

micro growing weed

We’re living in an age where you can grow weed, plant to bud in a matter of weeks instead of years, and make money off the whole process. Yes, it’s a sentence that would have been unheard of just ten years ago! But rather than go into detail about how the industry has changed, we’re going to focus on what you need to know about micro growing weed.

What is Micro Growing Weed?

Well, first, you should know that micro growing is when a grower grows several plants in a small space. Some people like to grow more than one plant at a time, but that’s not what we will discuss here. You need to know about micro growing because it’s the same concept as larger growing big crops in tiny spaces.

For micro growing, there are three essentials (that we all need to know about, whether you’re a newbie or an expert):

  1. Space – You’re going to want a space that’s just about two feet by two feet for each plant. In this small amount of space, you can get up to one pound of weed from the plant during the growing process.
  2. Light – You need to have a whole spectrum of light that will mimic the sun as much as possible for your plants’ health and growth. One foot fluorescent bulbs should be enough for most plants; however, you can use more if necessary.
  3. Water – When growing marijuana, you’re going to need a lot of water for the roots. You can’t use too much, as you risk overwatering your plants and killing them. Measure what your plants need, and give it to them.

So how do you start micro growing? 

If you’re new to the growing process, you should know that there are a few basics that we all need to know about (regardless of whether you start micro growing or not) And remember, if you’re new to the process, start with one plant at first. Once you Know it  Then you better understand what your plants need, you can expand your grow space and add more plants to take care of. 

If you have what’s shown above, it’s time to start planting and growing those plants! Otherwise, think about the steps below to get started and learn about growing weed in the first place:

Step 1: Start with seeds or clones. It would be best to get a solid start on your plants, and seeds are the best option. Just make sure you’ve got a significant strain of weed, one with fast-growing genetics.

Step 2: Decide what light you’re going to use and how much space you will have per plant. The time frame will depend on whether you buy seeds or clones; they’ll be ready faster than seedlings if you have started with clones. Either way, you should give your plants about one foot of space for each plant in both directions (up and down).

Step 3: Prepare the growing space by adding soil or fertilizer (or both). They’ll need a healthy start to their growing process. Check out the soil and fertilizer brands near you for more information.

Step 4: Get your seeds or clones, and start planting! Remember, you’re only dealing with one plant during this micro growing process, so it’s even easier than usual. You don’t need to do anything special with the seeds or clones; just put them in the soil and give them water. Everything else takes care of itself!

Step 5: Wait (and grow). Yes, all you have to do is wait and watch your plants grow. But you can’t forget about them, or they’ll get neglected. So make sure you watch them and provide care as necessary to get the most from your micro growing efforts.

Step 6: Enjoy your crops in the middle of the process. You’re done when they’re done, so it doesn’t matter when you enjoy them! Even micro growers take advantage of their crops!

It’s that simple to learn everything you need to know about micro growing weed! The steps are easy, the process is quick, and in the end, you have a nice amount of weed ready for consumption or sale. This is what micro growing weed is all about!


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