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Smoking marijuana is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. But if you’re looking to reduce the strain of smoking cannabis on your respiratory system, consider switching from rolling papers to a bong.

The water pipes in the bongs use water to filter the smoke you inhale, making it easier on your lungs and throat. The smell of cannabis is removed to a certain level as it passes through the water pipe, making your smoke less harsh.

If you have decided to buy one, you must consider buying online. An online smoke shop will give you way more options to choose from, offer free shipping, and may have other discounts or promotions running that help you save money. 

However, knowing more about a bong is essential before purchasing it.  

What Is A Bong:

A bong is used traditionally by smokers who get high on marijuana to have a safe smoke. This smoking tool is much more effective at filtering out some chemicals in marijuana smoke that can irritate your throat and lungs. As they use water filtration as part of their cooling process, you’ll be inhaling fewer carcinogens and other harmful substances. 

While glass bongs are the most famous ones, there are bongs made of other materials like metal, bamboo, acrylic, and ceramic. Of which ceramic has the longest history. Since glass has a high heat tolerance, it has a high preference in the market. Glass also has the added advantage of molding into different exciting shapes.

Procedure To Use:

There are three main parts to a bong, the bowl, the neck portion or stem, and the mouth. These three functions combine to burn and produce smoke from herbs like marijuana

The marijuana is placed in the tube connected to the water bowl. At this time, the water bowl should be filled with water till the lower mouth. Now the smoker lights up the herb and inhales from the mouth part. The fire burns the stash, and the smoke travels through the neck part to the mouth. The smoke is filtered and cooled down in the water bowl part. You can cool down the smoke by adding ice to the water bowl.


There is no tedious process or strong machine understanding needed to use a bong as it deals with a simple mechanism. There is no preparation time for using this accessory, though you need to dismantle it to clean it once in a while. You can get cooled smoke out of a bong, making the smoking process easy and comfortable.

Filtration Benefits:

Bongs have a better filtration capacity as they allow the smoke to pass through a percolator. Percolators are attached to the side mouth of the bong where the stash is placed. They also give additional length, making the smoke cool down a bit more.

Bongs are an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce the strain of smoking cannabis on your respiratory system. Buying one from an online smoke shop is easy, safe, discrete, and quick. You may even qualify for free delivery to your doorstep if your order is over a certain amount. 


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