Five Important Facts That You Should Know About Micro Growers License.

Micro Growers License

A micro growers license  is a license that allows an individual or business to grow plants, such as flowers, shrubs and trees, on their property. This license generally covers plants grown for personal use or sale in small batches. To obtain this type of license, the applicant must also live within a certain distance from the property where they will be growing plants with this type of permit.

Since there is no specific definition of a micro grower license in all states and municipalities, it is imperative to determine your state’s requirements before applying for one. For example, a micro grower’s license is offered to those who grow plants on 40 or fewer acres of land in some states. Other states require the applicant to live on the property where they are growing or within a certain number of miles from it.

Micro Growers License

How to Get a Micro Growers License

One should start the process of getting a micro growers license by researching your specific state’s requirements. This is usually done by reviewing your local or state government agencies websites. Some states have an application available online, which you can fill out, print and mail to your local or state agency.

Another option is to call the local or state agency regulating licenses for this type of business and ask for an application. If you cannot obtain an application through these methods, it is recommende. You contact the person who issues “business licenses” in your county or town to obtain one.

What Are the Advantages of a Micro Growers License?

The main advantage of having a micro growers license is selling the plants you grow to others. In states where growing marijuana for personal use is illegal. A micro grower’s license allows growers to legally sell the raw marijuana they produce. Which generally helps them make more money than if they were producing it for their use.

Another advantage of this type of license is that certain states also allow businesses. That produce and sell marijuana plants to obtain a license to operate their business at multiple locations throughout the state. 

Micro Growers License

Five Important Facts About Micro Growers License:

Facts No 1: A micro grower’s license exempts the grower from paying certain taxes.

The micro grower’s license does not exempt the owner from paying local or state taxes, such as real estate or sales taxes. Federal taxes (such as the income tax) are also not waive. Even if a business  “pre-licensing” obtain. Other costs you will still have to pay if you have applie for a micro grower’s license include business licensing fees and other fees that your local or state government may require.

Facts No 2: A micro growers license does not affect the quality of the plants being grown.

This type of license does not affect the quality or purity of the plants Growing. Whether you are growing the plants on your property or operating a business that grows plants at multiple locations. This type of license will not make your plants more likely to be confiscate or condemne. The micro grower’s license also does not affect whether or not your plants will get you high or make them more palatable for a particular purpose.

Facts No 3: A micro micro growers license can help to keep public health officials from inspecting your property unnecessarily.

This license helps to ensure that inspectors from your local or state health department will not come onto your property without a valid reason. If health officials suspect you are growing plants for personal use. They may bring drug-sniffing dogs to your property. The presence of these dogs can be damaging to the plants you are growing, especially if they have not yet reache maturity.

Micro Growers License

Facts No 4: A micro grower’s license does not offer the owner extra-legal protection against theft or lawsuits.

A micro grower’s license does not exempt the owner from  sue by someone. Who gets sick after consuming a contaminate plant or smoking a poisonous part. However, it does offer the owner some protection against force to pay punitive damages.

Facts No 5: A micro grower’s license is valid only for the type of plants being grown within the state.

This license is only valid for the types of plants grow within the state where it was issue. Suppose you are not in one of these states and want a micro grower’s license. In that case, you will have to apply for a different type of “business license” from your local or state government, such as an “agricultural” or “medicinal marijuana” license.

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