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Getting thick and thin hide is one of the most important skills to have in Conan Exiles. If you’re having trouble making the items, you can farm them from a few animals, such as the Elephant, Rhino, and Crocodile. This way, you’ll get enough hide to craft different things, such as steelfire, tannery steel bars, or better armor.

Collecting bark

To collect bark for Conan Exiles hide farming, you must first find trees and logs that are dead. Dead trees are best because they are bleached white. You can find clusters of these trees and logs scattered around the desert. They will be the best sources of bark. Collecting bark can be done in different ways. Below are some useful tips on how to collect bark for Conan Exiles.

First, you must collect bark. Bark is used for farming, for feeding animals, for making dung and for tanneries. You can also upgrade bark to increase its quality and sell it to make oil. Collecting bark is among the first tasks you will do in Conan Exiles. Make sure to use a pickaxe for collecting bark for the best results. In addition to hides, you can also use bark to make compost and oil.

After gathering bark, you will need to hunt large animals to make the components of Thick Leather. The best places to hunt these animals are listed below. Alternatively, you can farm ox hide, crocodile, rhino, or elephant hide. Collecting these animals will give you a good amount of thick leather. In addition to hide, oil is another material you can harvest in Conan Exiles. It has many uses and is necessary for fire.

Using the Tannery

Using the Tannery is a great way to farm for hides in Conan Exiles. While it is not necessary to purchase an improved Tannery, you will need to have a number of items of Hide to produce leather. Hide from various animals will give you different types of leather. Cattle hides can be used to produce normal leather, while elephant, bear, and rhino hides can be used to create thick leather. Aside from that, you will also need to make an Improved Firebowl Cauldron station.

You can use the hides you gather to make thick leather and other materials in Conan Exiles. You can also use the raw materials for tanneries to make Armor or weapons. While it can be tedious to gather raw materials, the rewards are well worth the effort. You will quickly see the benefits of upgrading your hides, and your inventory will be full of useful gear!

To begin your conan exiles hide farming, you must obtain the level 10 Tanner feat. A Level 10 Tanner feat will unlock the Tannery. Here, you can process leather from animals to make thick leather and tar. The materials you need to start processing hides are:

Gathering raw materials

For this purpose, you can farm thick hide from animals in Conan Exiles. To make these items, you need to farm the hide of Elephant, Crocodile, or Rhino. The hide is essential for crafting steelfire, armor, and more. You can also get tar from mineral nodes in Gallaman’s Tomb and the Scraps. In addition, you can also farm thorns to make axes.

To gather raw materials for hide farming, you can use the pickaxe and pick. Resin is the byproduct of drying wood. Other raw materials include thick hides from different animals. You can get them from Black Bear, Black Rhino, Elk King, and Frost Giant. You can cook them inside a Furnace to make Hardened Brick, or you can mix them with Twine and Ichor to make Stone Consolidant.

Besides Hides, you can also harvest bones and plant fiber. Bone meal can be used in some food recipes, and you can also use it in composting. Ichor is another material that you can use to preserve resources in Conan Exiles. You can also combine it with Plant Fiber to make Gruel. Thralls will love Gruel! These are some of the basic raw materials that you need for hide farming in Conan Exiles.

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