Is There A Way To Reset Anki Deck?


But – resetting the deck seems to also restart my brain, for lack of a better word. Suddenly everything that seemed so difficult just clicked. I was able to fill in the gaps and finish Stage 1 within 3 days – even cards I didn’t know.

The second option is useful if you have imported already-learnt material, and you want to start it off with higher initial intervals. Now that you’ve gotten your priorities straight and your collection cleaned up, your overriding concern is making sure you maintain psychological safety. To keep yourself motivated, you need to split your backlog into manageable chunks and see continuous progress.

Begin by placing your finger on the left or right side of the screen, and then move it up, down, left or right to trigger the relevant swipe. You can assign frequently used actions redesigning and automating business processes can be seen as a double-edged sword because: to taps for convenient access. For an explanation of the available actions, please see the actions list. Whether to show the next study time above each of the answer buttons.

In the Browser window, the new cards will no longer show a due date.

You also need to continue reviewing anything you’ve caught up on, so that you don’t lose ground again. Of course, you don’t want to leave that random set of cards out forever. Every day, you unsuspend and review as many of the overdue cards as you can handle. If you can’t do any additional cards on some days, that’s fine – just finish all the due cards, as you would on any other day. Eventually, you’ll have them all back in circulation again.

The app boasts of the fact that the advanced algorithm used in the app was developed by an ex-neuroscientist. The AI remembers your weak areas and repeatedly confronts you with those flashcards by prioritizing them over the ones you are good at–helping you study stuff you aren’t confident in. Suppose you have 50 unseen cards, and you have it set to show you 5 new cards every day, and energy for about 10 reviews. I don’t see that there’s any difference in responding “Again” to an expired card vs reclassing that card as new. When I’m catching back up on an old deck I just turn new card off and limit my reviews until I’ve worked through the backlog this way.

Third button in the bottom menu is the New Card option. It enables you to create new decks and import decks. On the app Dashboard, you will see the daily progress with the reviews on that day, average reviews per day, and total number of reviews. You can seamlessly connect to devices and access your content.

Add your downloaded icon into this folder with an easy name to remember. Find an icon you like, this will be your new “cogwheel” next to each deck. You can use one of the icons that come with the application or download one from In 2018, there is a feature for setting TTS language for AnkiDroid starting at 2.6alpha6 . If you plug the resulting 65% into the interval modifier, you should find over time that your retention moves closer to your desired retention.