Practical Tips To Use Cannabis As A Pain Remedy This New Year


As the New Year dawns, you will probably want to make a fresh start with clean habits and routines. Eating healthy, working out regularly, and keeping stress at bay are the most common resolutions people make on this occasion. But you can go the extra mile by committing to reducing the dependence on medication this year, specifically painkillers. While popping pills seem a great quick fix for chronic pain, they make a bad long-term solution. You may end up dealing with grave side effects and habit formation.

But giving up painkillers is easier said than done for patients struggling with chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. However, several alternative therapies emerge as true saviors, and cannabis is one of them. It is safe, legal, and effective, and you can consider it for the long haul without second thoughts. But swapping painkillers for cannabis takes some planning as you need to understand what and how much works for you. Let us share some practical tips for using cannabis as a pain remedy this New Year.

Check the legal status

The first thing about using cannabis as a therapeutic aid is not about its medicinal value, but the legal status in your location. Currently, medical cannabis is legal In 37 American states and the District of Columbia. You must understand that it is different from the recreational use of the substance. In fact, you are in a better place as a medical consumer because fewer states allow recreational use. Besides ensuring the legal status in your area, check the rules regarding the legitimate age, qualifying condition, and doctor’s orders for using cannabis for pain relief. You can use it without qualms once you are sure about the legal aspects.

Understand the effects of cannabinoids

CBD and THC are the primary compounds in cannabis that work together to relieve pain through the entourage effect. Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory chemical found in CBD-rich strains of cannabis from retailers such as, is reported to balance the high, while THC boosts the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Medical consumers can get the best outcomes with products with a higher CBD percentage while maintaining a THC profile. Typically, specialists recommend ones with a 1:1 ratio for beginners looking for effective pain relief. But you can do some hit-and-trial with different products to find a ratio that works for you.

Decode cannabis strains

Another factor to consider while switching to cannabis as a pain remedy is a right strain. The therapeutic value of the plant depends on its genetic makeup and growing environment, which eventually boil down to the strain. You can explore options in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains to find the perfect one for your needs. Experts recommend the Larry bird strain for patients suffering from deep-seated inflammation. Like the THC-CBD ratios, strain selection may also require some experimentation until you find the apt one. The best piece of advice is to start small and decode the ideal option for your condition.

Check the consumption methods

Consumption method is perhaps the most crucial aspect for medical cannabis consumers looking for lasting pain relief. The good thing is that you can explore various options like inhalation, ingestion, and topical use. The inhalation methods like vaping, smoking, and dabbing get quick results with rapid absorption of cannabinoids through the smoke. Ingesting sublingual tinctures works the same way. Conversely, edibles are ideal for slow relief because the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream slowly through the digestive route. However, the results are sustainable as they stay for several hours. You may try a topical product for local application if inhalation and ingestion are not your picks.

Master your dosage

Unlike painkillers, there isn’t a proven dosing chart for cannabis as a therapeutic option. Specialists recommend starting low and titrating to a dose that works for you, though they will suggest a maximum limit. The dosage efficacy depends on several factors, such as your body chemistry, weight, genetics, lifestyle, meal times, and medical condition. Likewise, your tolerance levels go a long way in determining the ideal dose. Clearly, you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to dose. Moreover, you may have to adjust it down the road with changes in your tolerance levels, weight, and intensity of your condition. Mastering your dosage is the key to effective pain relief and a better quality of life.

Ace your routine

Besides choosing the right product, consumption method, and dosage, you must also ace your routine to get the best results with medical cannabis. Typically, the ideal timelines depend on the composition of the product you choose. For example, THC-dominant products are apt for a bedtime routine as they cause a high. It is best to let them work overnight when you can sleep them off. You can stick with CBD-dominant variants to relieve pain during the day because they hardly affect your ability to perform tasks. But remember to stick with the dosage limits to get effective results without the quintessential cannabis high.

Stick with the safety precautions

Although cannabis is a safer alternative to painkillers, in the long run, you must still take some precautions to use it safely. Be aware of the side effects like dry mouth, nausea, and anxiety, as you may experience them in the beginning. But they generally wear off once you get accustomed to cannabis and adhere to your ideal doses and timelines. Also, follow the doctor’s orders, avoid going over the top with dosing, and choose the right settings. Taking regular tolerance breaks is another tip to make the most of cannabis as a pain therapy.

Switching to cannabis for pain relief is a great idea, provided you choose the apt product, strain, and dosage. You can safely use it for the long haul because it is a natural remedy. Cannabis as a painkiller alternative sets you up for a better life despite your medical condition, so you must definitely consider embracing it this New Year. But remember to follow these simple tips and precautions to get the best outcomes. Also, consult a specialist who can guide you all the way.

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