Realistic Vaping Advice Every First-Timer Should Follow


Vaping has emerged as a healthy swap for smoking over the years because the cool smoke is easy on the lungs. Not surprisingly, more and more smokers are moving toward the alternative. But you cannot simply switch your inhalation technique because vaping has a learning curve. Mastering it is the only way to get the best experience, even if you have never smoked before. Luckily, a little awareness helps you make the most of your sessions as a beginner. Let us share some realistic vaping advice every first-timer should follow.

Learn the basics

This one is a no-brainer because you must know the basics to consume safely. Think beyond the smoking technique, even if you are a regular smoker. Smoking is harsh on the throat and lungs, but vaping is much gentler and slower. In fact, the harmful toxins hardly reach your lungs because most of the smoke gets vaporized after leaving the mouthpiece. But you must vape slowly for the best outcomes. Long, deep drags are better than quick ones, so pick the technique to pace your hits.

Choose your vape juice wisely

First-timer vapers must also choose their vape juice wisely. Everything boils down to your expectations from the session. Start by checking the product composition, specifically the cannabinoid content. A THC-dominant product is ideal if you have “high” expectations. Conversely, you must opt for a CBD-dominant one to ditch the psychoactive effects and get pure medicinal benefits. Also, check factors like the quality and potency of the product.

Be selective with your tools

Vaping tools are an essential part of the experience, so you cannot miss out on them. But the choice of the right tool depends on your skill level, so you must know exactly what you want before checking an online smoke shop. You can explore the King’s Pipe collection to find an exact match for your beginner skills. Experts recommend picking a basic device with minimal features to simplify your learning curve as a beginner. Of course, you may switch to advanced dab rig bongs and vaporizers once you learn the ropes of the technique.

Experiment with flavors

Surprisingly, you can find a broad range of flavors in vape juices, which leaves a lot of room for experimentation, even for beginners. In fact, you may consider trying different flavors from the outset to pick one that works for you. Try a specific one for a few sessions to understand whether it matches your preferences. You can seek recommendations from a seasoned user to get the best ones.

Avoid going over the top

Although vaping is relatively healthier than smoking, you must practice caution as a beginner. Avoid going over the top with the dosage and duration of the initial sessions because getting too high is the last thing you want to encounter as a first-timer. Go low and slow with dosing, and do not indulge in long sessions. Focus on your tolerance levels to tailor your doses according to your capacity.

Your vaping sessions as a first-timer may sound tricky, but you can ease the journey with the right mindset. Follow these simple tips to indulge safely as a new vaper. 

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