Security + Chapter 5 Second Half


First introduced in 2018, WPA3 implements the Simultaneous Authentication of Equals standard instead of using the pre-shared key. Wireless access method that utilizes a passphrase for users to connect. A relay attack occurs when an attacker can capture NFC data in transit and use the information to masquerade as the original can deadpool teleport device. Wired Equivalent Privacy is extremely vulnerable to initialization vector attacks because WEP reuses the IVs. This makes it easy for attackers to crack them and compromise the encryption. An attacker intercepts a signal from an RFID tag, then manipulates the signal before sending it to the intended recipient.

Globe are layering the Indian market with their mobile networks all around. Indian Telecom Sector is still unable to fulfill the demands of Indian mass up to the targets set by Government and Industry. 70% of Indian mass lives in rural areas , where growth in every aspect is near to the ground.

The connection to the device remains active, letting the attacker connect to the device as long as the key is not deleted again. As earlier mentioned, Bluesnarfing is a technique employed by hackers to steal data or sensitive information from devices connected to a Bluetooth connection. This particular approach is common to desktops, mobile computers, smartphones, tablets, and personal digital assistants . Qard is a contactless business card, and it’s really great. Just tap it on your phone and the link will appear and you will have access to all your information. Qard is a magic card that allows you to share all your personal or professional social and business contacts with anyone you choose with just one tap or one scan.

Your ISP provides you with a single IP address that is to be shared between all hosts on your private network. You do not want external hosts to be able to initiate connection to internal hosts. What type of network address translation should you implement. You are the network admin for a small company that implements NAT to access the internet. However, you recently acquired file servers that must be accessible from outside your network. Your ISP has provided you with five additional registered IP addresses to support these new serves, but you dont want the public to access these servers directly.

An attacker uses an RFID reader to listen to conversations between a tag and the intended reader. An initial site survey performed should be a passive survey. This survey is performed without the analyzer connecting to any specific WAP and is instead in a listen-only mode. A Wi-Fi analyzer can be a specialized tool or a software program running on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The research and development branch of Network Solutions, Inc currently maintains the rwhoisd RWHOIS server and it is published under the GNU Public License. Other security features and tools can be directly on Opera’s website. An attack designed to disrupt and/or deny use of a device, service, or network.

A WLC should be placed in the networking closet and connected to a switch so it can communicate with and manage the wireless access points. Wireless devices use the service set identifier to identify a network name. We can stress-test the application by feeding it different input.

To configure WPA2-Enterprise, you need a RADIUS server to support 802.1x authentication. You have been hired by a small hotel to configure how their guests access the internet. You have chosen to use pfSense’s captive portal feature. Guests must pass through this portal to access the internet. To support the vulnerabilities inherent in the WPA2 handshake and to support newer technologies, WPA3 was implemented.