Seven Easy Rules Of Marijuana Growing Outdoors.

marijuana growing outdoors

It can be a heady and daunting prospect if you’re thinking about growing marijuana outdoors. Marijuana growing outdoors is easier than you think, especially if you have the proper training, resources and support beforehand. We created this quick-fix guide to help walk anyone through the process of successfully growing large quantities of high-grade weed outdoors! Follow these simple rules, and in no time, you will have a bumper crop of your harvest to smoke, share or sell all over town.

Rules 1: Find the best outdoors Location For marijuana growing outdoors

The first rule is to find a suitable outdoor space where your plants will receive at least 8 hours of sunlight each day. Locations with maximum sunlight or a large part of the day can be helpful if you want to grow your weed indoors but only need a small number of plants. You will also want to consider whether your plants will get enough airflow and can be moved around easily.

marijuana growing outdoors

Rule 2: Avoid high concentrations of natural or man-made electromagnetic fields

Ensure that your chosen location is free from lights and other electrical equipment. Things like mobile phones, stereos, TVs and microwave ovens can all disrupt your plants’ ability to grow at the correct rate. While such devices are more common in urban centres,marijuana growing outdoors garden setting. Off-grid systems allow you to run only what you need and avoid expensive power bills.

Rule 3: Construct a well-designed system For marijuana growing outdoors

An excellent way to marijuana growing outdoors is to construct a complete growing system. A simple structure with plant trays filled with soil. This system is a great way to start growing and gives you the option of moving your plants indoors or outdoors, depending on the season. For maximum yield, And simple vertical garden is ideal in dry climates or if you live in an area prone to frost.

Rule 4: Choose the right potting mix For  marijuana growing outdoors

A good potting mix is a key to healthy, disease-free regrowth. Ensure you use a completely natural and organic soil additive that does not contain any chemicals. Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as these can kill your plants! Choose a high-quality soil that contains peat moss, manure, vermiculite and other ingredients. Which will provide all the nutrients without causing degradation of the soil’s structure.

Rule 5: Germinate your seeds outside For marijuana growing outdoors

Always use natural seeds and avoid using any pre-germinated or indoor growing kits. These seedlings are prone to pests and diseases and unfit for planting marijuana growing outdoors. Begin by thoroughly watering the soil at least 24 hours before planting your seed. Plant the seed deep enough to cover between one and two inches of soil, more if you live in a windy area. Water regularly but not too much, which can cause the soil to become waterlogged.

marijuana growing outdoors

Rule 6: Plant your seeds for marijuana growing outdoors

After two to six weeks, the seedlings should have germinated and been growing strongly. Cut them down to around 8 inches high and place these in a small tray. Fill the tray with soil and cover it with netting or grow bag such as an A-frame grow tent. Set this up on top of a strongbox, wheelbarrow, or similarly heavy object to give your plants some weight and support when they begin to flower.

Rule 7: Feed your plants regularly

Feed your plants regularly through the flowering stage with a high-quality organic cannabis food supplement or fertilizer until harvest time. Just give them the perfect amount of food to produce the giant buds possible.  So It is also good to check for signs of pests, diseases, and other unwanted plants such as common weeds.

Follow these seven simple rules, and you can marijuana growing outdoors in large quantities of high-grade weed in no time at all. Best of all, if you live in an area where growing marijuana is illegal. So you will be able to grow your plants discreetly outdoors, without any concerns about the discovery by law enforcement.


Properly marijuana growing outdoors is much easier than you might think. With the proper support, knowledge, and equipment, anyone can grow high-grade weed with a relatively small investment. If you are serious about growing marijuana outdoors and have the right skills, feel free to contact us through the contact page. We will put you in touch with a skilled cannabis trainer.


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