Simple Guidance For You In For Growing Out Door Weed Plants.

out door weed plants

If you want to grow marijuana plants outside, the basics are pretty simple. There are a few things you should be able to work out before starting, but it is all basic stuff that growing weed indoors has in common too. The first step is to decide where you are growing out door weed plants. One of the advantages of growing outdoors is taking advantage of natural light. So a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade can significantly benefit your weed plant’s growth if timed correctly. The next decision would be what type of soil or potting medium you should use. Since this plant will be grown outdoors, it is essential to make sure you have suitable soil.

How To Start Growing Out Door Weed Plants: Steps To Take

Soil Composition

Most professional marijuana growers prefer to use a soil mixture that has been amended with organic products. These products are nutrients specifically for your weed plant and can significantly increase the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels in the cannabis plant if used at the right time of growth. It has to be very specific because of the growing time your grow out door weed plants will have when outside. That said, you’ll need a soil mixture of one part peat moss to two parts compost and finished with 1/3 part perlite or vermiculite. These soil mixtures will hold water well and have a pH level that allows nutrients to be easily absorbed by the weed plants.

Choosing The Spot For out door weed plants

When choosing a spot, you must ensure it is somewhat sheltered but still gets plenty of suns. Your marijuana plants need light to grow properly and get enough THC. So choose the right spot for your weed plants. Choose a place covered by trees or other structures that will provide the morning sun you want and shade during the hottest part of the day.

After deciding where your growing area will be, you need to prepare this area before planting any seeds or seedlings. The two most important things you must prepare before producing are a place to place your potting site and a moisture-conserving surface, such as an old tarp or piece of cardboard.

Planting The Seeds

The best way to plant seedlings outside would be to plant them directly in the ground. This is because if you place pots on top of the soil. You could easily disturb it more than you should by simply moving things around. In this case, you don’t want all that extra soil messing anything up when your plants start growing. The other method of planting would be using a potting medium from one of the several brands available on the market today. This medium allows for the best of both worlds, allowing you to use soil and still provide your plants with the added benefits of a potting medium.

The next step in growing your seeds is to fill out your growing area with about 1/4 inch of soil. You want to ensure you only go as deep as this to keep the roots from having too much room, or they will overgrow the plant’s container. Some people will go as deep as 3 inches. But this isn’t necessary if you plan on taking care of your weed plants well after they are grown.

Planting in These Soil Mixtures

Planting directly in the soil is relatively simple. You want to place your weed seed about 2 inches under the earth’s surface. After you place your out door weed plants, you need to cover them with a thin layer of soil. Just enough to cover the bases without covering the seed with too much ground. It may seem like there is not enough dirt covering the cannabis seeds, but over time this will be worked into a fine coating that will ensure the germination of your seeds. The same thing applies when planting seeds in pots or a potting medium. Make sure a thin layer covers all seeds before adding any medium around them. It is also essential to ensure these seeds aren’t buried too far into the potting mix. As they need air around them to germinate.

How To Take Care Of Your Weed Plants?

After preparing your growing area, it is time to find the right location for your weed plants to grow out door weed plants before harvesting. Once your plants are about 3 inches tall, you must decide where to place them. As a rule of thumb, you want your light source as close to the plant as possible, with no more than 18 inches between them. It is also essential that this light not only provides proper lighting for photosynthesis but also does not burn the leaves of your marijuana plants.

Follow these simple steps to get your weed plants overgrowing, allowing you to take advantage of the best benefits marijuana can provide. Once you have a plant like this growing outdoors. It is truly a sight to see, especially when everything goes right.


Growing out door weed plants is not difficult, but it does take special care if you want to end up with a potent harvest. If you do decide to expand your marijuana plants, be sure to water them and make sure they get the right amount of sunlight. If you follow these guidelines and provide your cannabis plants with plenty of light and water. Your plants should start to grow dramatically within two to three weeks after planting. Remember, it is better to produce too early than too late when growing weed outdoors. You want seasonal changes affecting photosynthesis less than possible.

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