So What’s The Whole Story About Whiskey Warrior 556? I Only Heard That He Was Surrendering I Didn’t See Any Of The Iivestream Or Hear Much


He’s been illegally grazing his cattle on our taxpayer federal lands for decades, and when the federal courts ordered him off the land he issued his fake call for ‘patriots’. I just picked up some brand new GLOCK 17 magazines with 15 round capacity for $14.95 each. cavitat ultra reviews My guess is that since they can no longer be sold in NJ and Colorado just laughs at the 15 round law, they were on sale.. I don’t know of any other states with mag capacity limits at 15. Wife called in DV complaint, police showed up to investigate said complaint.

A cop heard a phantom gun shot from his home and he had an old domestic violence hanging. He is also shown saying things like “Don’t underestimate my power redcoats.” Booth also clearly states he is drinking whiskey in the white cup he holds a large part of the time. He shows police surrounding both sides of his house, while the statements that came out say he was ‘barricaded’ in his house when he is clearly standing outside on what appears to be a porch at times. The one part of the press release that is inaccurate is saying this ended at 9pm.. It went just past midnight from what i remember but i have also heard that he is in some type of treatment now and thats why no response from him.. I am in no way guaranteeing any of this info but like i said i was here during the standoff and checked out all facts surrounding it.

The concept of these laws is not very well developed and will lead to more cops putting their lives needlessly on the line in a profession that already sees more than a fair share of peril. Alexander Booth goes byWhiskey_Warrior_556on Instagram, where he streamed parts of the Putnam County NY police standoff and posted videos and sent messages to his followers. Your “they should have just gone in and get him” thought is a recipe for needless bloodshed.

Then by next Next week when an “unarmed innocent black child” is shot by the police it’ll be back to the BLM chants about murdering cops. What’s funny is the liberal trolls coming out in praise of the police all the sudden now they’re confiscating firearms. If enforcing laws is made more difficult by public attention, then we have a big problem.

Future Florida Man then went online and lied about the situation and escalated it, other Florida Men amplified it. Because police don’t need a warrant to respond to a reported crime. When a bank gets robbed, they don’t go to a judge for a warrant first. I have been, but the term ‘red flag’ wasn’t around.

Add in the reported threats to have CPS remove the children if the wife fails to comply, and you should have no reason to question the actual motivations of the PD. The only thing this has reaffirmed is that there’s a sizable contingent of “libertarian” gun owners who are almost indistinguishable from ANTIFA foot soldiers. There are people like that in every movement and every segment of society, and it’s not always easy to tell who they are. In my case, I did have guns, ammo, and mags, all of which were legal, and were confiscated. Having been involved in a similar situation, years back, so I take the Putnam County SD’s account with a grain of salt.