Top 13 Stardew Valley Mods For Additional Game Content & Replayability


Change the version in manifest.json to the official version number plus 0.0.1, with -unofficial.1-yourName at the end. ⚠ Broken on Android (use the built-in autosave instead).source# Save BackupSMAPI✓ use latest version. Stardew Valley 1.3.29source# PR Realistic Random Namesaedenthorn✓ use latest version. Source# Progressive Access Farmonjulraz✖ broken, not open-source.

We have all felt the pain of being deep into a mining session only to realise your inventory is full of the item. Or maybe you have been out trying to impress your favourite villager and the gift you are looking to give them is actually back at home in one of your chests. The Chests Anywhere mod allows you to access your chests, fridge, shipping bin, and Junimo huts from anywhere on the map, so no more pesky trips back to the farm to pick up or drop off items.

Now that you know how to install your mods, here are our top 13 mods to add more content to Stardew Valley. If you install a bunch of mods at once, then it becomes really difficult to tell which one is causing problems if they arise. Are the weird glitches coming from the new recipe pack or the anime portrait retexture? If you install your mods one or two at a time, then it’s easy to see who’s going to be problematic and uninstall them. Almost all of the mods available for Stardew Valley are hosted on Nexus Mods, so that’s the website we’re going to reference throughout this article. If you’re getting your mods from another website, you should check their download instructions before implementing your mods.

Source# Creeper Foragebwdy✖ remove this mod (no longer maintained; use Personal Effects instead). # Craft Prioritytrienow✖ remove this mod (added in Stardew Valley livly clothing 1.4). Stardew Valley 1.2source# Clock24Lysero✖ remove this mod (no longer maintained; use 24h Clock by Lajna or 24-Hour Clock Patcher by pepoluan instead).

If you’re after more Stardew content check out our guide onhow to make money fast in Stardew Valley. Wondered how difficult farming is in the real world without mods and cheats? Weasked a Californian farmerabout how realistic Stardew Valley is. There are just so many cute characters in Stardew Valley, why can’t we just date them all! Beyond the excitement of being able to date all the Stardew cuties, it’s also great to see a mod that’s so inclusive of non-monogamous relationships. This mod allows you to marry multiple partners by cycling through a “primary” spouse each day.

Fences are an aesthetically pleasing piece of garden decoration, on top of being useful for keeping animals and certain crops contained to one part of your farm. The downside, however, is they decay over time, with regular wooden fences only lasting for 30 days before deteriorating. This slower fence decay mod doesn’t override that feature of the game, but it does make it less harsh on you, with fences lasting up to two or three times longer before they need replacing. It also adds new flowers, grass, and trees to the overworld, as well as features like snow and fallen leaves that change with each passing season. Its tough knowing which animals you have shown love to and which ones you haven’t on your farm. There’s no indication on who you’ve missed out which leads to me double and triple checking that I’ve covered ALL my animals.

Stardew Valley 1.4source# Casual Lifeadverserath↻ broken, not updated yet. Stardew Valley 1.5source# Animal Birth Every NightParitee↻ broken, not updated yet. Stardew Valley has thousands of mods available for free on PC, and these five great mods have the simple aim of improving the game’s base aspects.