What Are The Top Five Benefits Of Chicago Marijuana Laws?

Chicago Marijuana Laws

Chicago Marijuana Laws are some of the most lenient in the entire nation. The Windy City allows the possession, use, and sharing of cannabis by non-medical adults. It is currently illegal to smoke on any sidewalk or public park. However, it is legal to use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes in Illinois. Chicago Marijuana Laws have effectively replaced the previous laws against cannabis. There is no longer a distinction between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Since the Chicago Marijuana Laws took effect, there has been a dramatic drop in arrests for cannabis possession. The number of drug arrests has dropped by over 50%.

There have also been notable drops in violent crime rates, with nearly 35% less violent crime.The Chicago Marijuana Laws have saved millions of dollars from unnecessary criminal penalties. They have also saved countless hours of court time and police resources in arresting people without any basis.

How Do Chicago Marijuana Laws Affect Us?

Chicago Marijuana Laws have saved the city from increasing crime rates. It also held all citizens living there from criminal penalties. Since the vast majority of arrests for cannabis use in the town are for possession. They no longer have to rely on police resources such as arresting people for possessing cannabis. Chicago’s penal system can focus more on other crimes and alleviate many problems that arise from crime.

So here are the top five benefits of Chicago Marijuana Laws.

1) Taxing benefits –

The people of Illinois can now directly benefit from cannabis sales, as there is a 10% tax on all cannabis sales. This Cannabis Tax Revenue is said to be used “for programs and services related to mental health and substance abuse services for residents of the State.” With this money, they can also provide more funds for other programs such as transportation and education.

2) Dramatic decrease in court time –

With Chicago Marijuana Laws, there has been a 50% reduction in cannabis arrests, leading to a drop in court time. One judge reported that he had seen a dramatic decline of over 60% in his docket load. Without dealing with the arrests of individuals for cannabis possession, the court saves time and resources they can utilize in other serious cases.

3) Protecting the Youth –

It is currently unlawful to sell cannabis to minors, but with this new legislation. It is now easier for younger users to avoid such penalties. Since there are no criminal penalties for using marijuana, youth are less likely to be exposed and subjected to any repercussions due to their use. While some may see this as a potential gateway into using harder drugs. Chicago marijuana laws also protects them from any criminal or civil penalties they may face while they are young.

4) Protecting Medical Cannabis patients –

While many still see cannabis as an illegal drug, most people can now use it lawfully. For example, Illinois allows medicinal users to cultivate a certain amount of cannabis at home to make it more affordable and available. This protection applies to both recreational users and medical patients accessing cannabis legally in their state.

5) New Employment Opportunities –

Illinois was one of the first states in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Since then, there has been a burgeoning growth in employment opportunities as more dispensaries open and more citizens want to work in the growing industry.

Illinois, the 4th most populous state, has been a pioneer in new legislation and marijuana use. It is no longer illegal to grow or consume cannabis in Illinois. However, individuals are still breaking federal law by using cannabis. While no hemp legislation currently exists in Chicago Marijuana Laws, Illinois does pass laws for industrial hemp cultivation for research and agricultural purposes.


There are many reasons to support the Chicago Marijuana Law, including a decrease in crime rates. This law helps to save time and money and provides more resources for youth and medical patients. Cannabis is no longer penalized and is much easier to obtain without criminal records. It has been said that “if the recent trend holds over the next few years. The majority of defendants will receive probation rather than incarceration.” Chicago Marijuana Laws have not only been successful in these areas, but they have also been successful in keeping people safe from charges for cannabis use. The new legislation has saved taxpayers’ money by eliminating police officers from arresting individuals for cannabis they do not possess.


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