What Is A Marijuana Event?

marijuana event

A marijuana event is a public event where marijuana and the cannabis business industry come together under one roof. It’s usually an event that revolves around education, showing people new things they haven’t seen before. The cannabis industry is still relatively new, so events focus more on delivering what can be done and not just telling people how to do it. Because of this, many events are hosted by groups in the industry, such as growers, budtenders, or consumers. Who wants to share their knowledge about whatever topic they’re passionate about?

Marijuana events are organized all over the state of Michigan in large venues like stadiums or arenas, with attendance ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees at each event. Like any other business, there are different levels of quality in a marijuana event. The most important thing is to know what you’re looking for from the event and has realistic expectations of what to expect. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Why Are Marijuana Events Important?

Marijuana has been in the news for about a decade. Once upon a time, people told us that marijuana was not medicine and that it made you violent, but slowly (and now fast), the world is starting to see what the cannabis community has known for years. The plant is one of the most versatile on earth: it can be used as a food, as an oil, and as a fiber, and its leaves are used to create a variety of paper products. So it’s only fitting that people come together to share their knowledge on all aspects of this plant with other people just like them who have questions and want to learn more about marijuana.

What should I expect from the event?

Marijuana events typically have the same general characteristics that other events have. They range from traditional potlucks where everyone sits in a circle and eats their favorite dish with the best bud to large-scale shows with hundreds of people. The people attending each event are usually there for different reasons. Some people want to learn more about what it means to run a cannabis business or how to grow weed. While others want to hang out and talk about marijuana in general.

How can I know what kind of quality my event has?

Honestly, you can’t tell unless you go down there. Events should be fun, informative, and entertaining for everyone involved. If you aren’t having fun, look around, step back and ask yourself if you’re looking for the right thing. Your event probably isn’t what it should be if you aren’t having fun. It’s like investing in a company that doesn’t make good products. You might not be able to tell right away, but when you do, it’s terrifying. Events are just as important to our community; it’s up to us to create a good ones.

What is a Cannabis Business Expo?

These events are typically put on by companies who want to show people the products they have to offer. The expo format is commonly used for car shows and clothing lines. They can be fun, though they usually don’t include as much education as an event designed for teaching and knowledge sharing. If you’re looking to play with different growing equipment or get a first look at new bongs, pipes, and other accessories. Then an expo-style event might be your best bet. Companies hosting these types of events are more focused on bringing in the crowds with more flashy things rather than what matters.

Do I have to be a part of the industry to attend an event?

No. Anyone can attend a marijuana event in Michigan. If your friend is throwing a private party, it can be fun and informative. But if they are selling products or doing something else that goes against the law. There’s more of a chance that someone at that event will give you trouble. If you want to learn more about your state’s industry. It’s better to go to a more significant public event where everyone is there for the same reason. Unfortunately, these events are subject to being shut down more often. This is because they’re in less private locations and are advertised more widely, putting them at risk of being raided.


If you do decide to attend a marijuana event, make sure that it’s something that you’re not getting yourself into over your head. Marijuana events can be fun, but the cannabis industry has come under more scrutiny in the last few years. It’s essential to know your local laws and determine if the event you’re going to is legal. If they are doing something illegal, stay away from those people! An event run by people trying to do things correctly and legally will typically have no problems with properly bringing in real experts for these events that other events don’t have access to.


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