Why ICO Promotion Is Everywhere This Year


ICOs are one of the hottest topics in the Crypto Project world, with seemingly endless articles about new projects and their ICOs appearing on a daily basis. If you’re curious as to why this marketing strategy is so popular this year, here’s a list of some reasons:

Builders are interested in creating long-term value for their applications by purchasing cryptocurrencies pre-launch. There have been many examples of projects meeting funding goals thanks to investors buying tokens pre-launch. Once projects meet fundraising goals, they can start development and build hype around the currency.

1. ICOs are the way of the future.

Most people are familiar with pre-ICO sales, which have been around since 2013. As an investor, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re comfortable with giving a startup funding without knowing what their business model is. If your answer is no, then ICOs are your best bet. Not only do they provide early investors with a large share of the tokens that will eventually be released, but they also give them a say in how projects will be run and managed after launch. Read more about why ICOs work here .

2. Bitcoin and altcoins have exploded in price this year.

Many people believe that the mass adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins will trigger a new bull market for blockchain related investment opportunities. Although this is still speculative, it’s certainly possible that further growth by Bitcoin and altcoins could lead to an increase in ICO popularity.

3. ICOs are everywhere now.

In the early days, people had no choice but to buy bitcoin or altcoins from a centralized exchange. When projects started appearing on exchanges without proper legal documents, it was easy to tell they might not be legitimate. Nowadays, however, you can invest in any number of ICOs through the most popular online portals such as CoinMarketCap and Coindesk. Know about the guest posting sites.

4. Blockchain technology is becoming more mainstream every day.

The blockchain industry has gone from a fringe concept to an indispensable part of every day life. Even Apple has recently released their newest watch line – the Apple Watch -which will have a feature called watch face. This function enables users to check their Ethereum wallet balances and send blockchain related messages to others.

5. The ICO is at its peak right now with many projects approaching their deadlines.

Most ICOs aren’t as successful as they should be, which is why more people are buying tokens in advance now than ever before.. The fact that more ICOs are about to launch means there will be a higher demand for coins before launch, and thus an increase in ICO prices.

6. There is no limit to the amount of money being raised via ICOs this year.

Every week, new projects raise funds with completely different strategies and goals in mind. This diverse range of projects ensures that investors can find something they like without having much risk involved with seo backlinks.

7. There is no truth when it comes to blockchain related investment opportunities and there always will be.

For every story you hear about a successful project, there are ten others who did not make their funding goal or suffered technical issues with their products during development . As long as investors are being transparent about what they’re doing, it’s important to do your own research before placing a bet on any ICO.

8. Interest in ICOs is snowballing thanks to social media marketing.

Social media is incredibly important when it comes to spreading your message and effectively generating hype around your product or service. People use their favorite platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day to share their lives with friends and family members across the world. As more people become interested in blockchain technologies, you can be sure that this trend will only continue moving forward.

9. Bitcoin and altcoins are on an unstoppable rise.

Investors are finding more and more reasons to buy bitcoin and altcoins in advance of the coin being released. The fact that these coins have been tested by investors over the past year means they’re extremely safe investments that have the potential to gain a lot of value when released.

10. Blockchain Related Tokens Are Regulated in Some Countries – but not all.

Although most countries have decided to regulate blockchain related tokens, many still remain unregulated . In other cases, governments will say their laws do not apply to digital currencies such as Bitcoin .

11. Big companies are starting to accept Bitcoin and Altcoins as a payment method.

The fact that big companies are accepting cryptocurrencies is an indicator that this trend will continue moving forward, which will potentially increase the value of certain coins. This year’s Black Friday saw some of the most high-profile retailers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, including Overstock and Dell .

12. ICOs are the best way to raise funds without giving up control of your company.

When you invest in an ICO you’re still contributing money toward a project you believe in without having any say in how it is run or managed after launch. Furthermore, if your ICO is successful, you can get a large percentage of newly invented cryptocurrency tokens at a cheap price .

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