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Help others live a better life by sharing your knowledge and passion. Every information post here is to help the readers only. If your website is informative, we’ll gladly link to it. However, for the product promotion between the article – we may take charge from you. OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine has become the UK’s favourite yoga monthly since its launch back in 2009. The nation’s best-selling yoga title, it covers everything from yoga, mindfulness and meditation through to organic clothing, sustainability and clean eating.

Please familiarize yourself with the type of content and the tone of this magazine and write your article in a similar manner. Then email your article as part of your email, not an attachment, according to the instructions below under “How to Submit Your Article.” Attachments will not be opened. Therefore, for us, you are the fittest person if you can produce the content using your creative mind. Before collaborating with our business, you have to look at and follow our instructions, which you should follow to make the writing top-notch. Your writing, reading and researching skills will increase every time you explore sources on any topic.

We may select your article to be included in the designed magazine, not just the online pages. The designed magazine will be produced in pdf, page turner and printed versions. Our editors make the decision on what to include each month. If your article is chosen then it may appear in our international licenced editions. By submitting your article you are agreeing for this use.

If you write for us Yoga every day on Mom News Daily, you broaden your network and get more exposure for your work. Once the fitness article is published, we also share your article with our email lists, social media and other media partners. You can also share the published article link on your social media platforms. We are a flexible content writing platform where you can write per your writing style by following our described guest post guidelines. Generally, we are looking for someone who can write quality content without the absence of our guidelines.

You can enhance the credibility by adding facts, statistics, and links. Please ensure that the post should be sent via email in the form of shared Google Doc link or attachement. Do not infringe any copyright concerns and provide relevant information only. You are also encouraged to forward previously published pieces as well as links to your Twitter or Facebook pages if these are available. Articles must adhere to our blogging style guide and must be informative, entertaining, clear, detailed, structured, well-researched, concise and error-free. Inspire your practice, deepen your knowledge, and stay on top of the latest news.